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EZ Shopper provides an e-commerce solution for your website in a simple process using PHP and integration with a mySQL database. 


Current Version:



PHP Version 4.1 +

MYSQL Version 3.23 +

A server that can run MYSQL, execute PHP and HTML

A web browser capable of executing PHP files

To see a demo of EZ Shopper version 1.0 click link.


Current Version:



PHP Version 4.1 +

MYSQL Version 4.1 +

A server that can run MYSQL, execute PHP and HTML

A web browser capable of executing PHP files

To see a live store of EZ Shopper version 2.0 click link.

Live Store




You can now purchase products from our EZ Shopper live store - we currently sell a variety of computer and office related products etc. All products will be delivered to customers in the United Kingdom. We expect in the near future to allow international deliveries of our products - please read the latest news section on 128 Concepts website for any news regarding delivery of products to customers ordering outside of United Kingdom.



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  • Integration with most popular online payment agents such as Pay Pal, Nochex, 2Checkout. Additional payment agents can be added.

  • Improved display in EZ Shopper version 2.0 and ability to specify which sidebar components to display. Users can now arrange the order of the sidebar components to suit their tastes.

  • Display multiple products by categories. Users can click on categories to expand products within them.

  • Search function to perform product searches. Allows for multiple words searches using OR and AND.

  • Options for administrators to define their own shipping options using EZ Shopper's shipping functions.  At checkout and when displaying the shopper's basket contents; shipping is automatically calculated and added to the order.

  • New display function to display all products on a single web page.

  • Built in security via password logging. Users will be logged in and logged out. Users may view the history when they visited the store, time logged in, time logged out.

  • Function to assist users who forget their passwords by displaying a password hint. For users who totally forget the password. A temporary password is generated and users will be informed by email of new password.

  • Pagination of long product lists using paging system. Users may navigate forward and backward using paging system.

  • Users can view their orders history. Will show a list of customer orders. Users can view specific information such as total costs, number of items ordered. Includes shipping and delivery information. Gives breakdown summary of total orders, number of orders awaiting payment, orders completed, rejected orders.

  • Customers can print a copy of invoice after checkout.

  • Most popular products list - will generate list of 10 most popular products based on user clicks.

  • Customers may email a friend regarding a particular product. Customers can checkout their shopping basket once having registered as a new user or they can opt to checkout without registering.

  • Customers may write a product review and customers can view any product reviews available for any product.

  • Customers can easy update, remove items, add items to shopping cart via single button clicks.

  • EZ Shopper store supports 5 main base currencies such as UK Sterling, US Dollar, Euros, Japanese Yen and Canadian Dollars. The administrator can change payment currency via easy to use settings panel.

  • EZ Shopper supports world currencies with a total of 25 world currencies supported. The administrator can set up a store in particular world currency and base currency. At checkout, and when viewing the shopping cart. Currency conversion is performed providing customers/users with a basket total in the world currency and a basket total in the base currency. If world currency is used. Shipping costs is based on zones where certain countries are placed in certain zones. There are 3 zones zone 1, zone 2 and zone 3. The administrator can decide on fixed shipping cost to cover delivery to such countries. Customers should note that delivery to such zones may be at a higher premium to cover handling and administration charge incur by store host.

  • Administrators can easy create tables, view records, update records, delete records via access to administration panel.

  • Administrators can add new product items, new categories via the administration panel. Administrators can upload categories and product pictures via upload function.

  • Administrators can view the site statistics which provides some useful information such as number of completed orders, rejected orders, orders awaiting payment, number of online users.

  • Administrators can easy manage customer orders by changing status of a customer order. If a user makes a successful online payment by Pay Pal. Automatic confirmation of the order been successful is done. Other payment agents may not support sending back of critical data from secure payment site.

  • Administrators can tidy and remove any unwanted orders due to customers/users exiting their browsers without performing any transactions or properly exiting the store.

  • Administrators have a powerful emailing tool to send single email or bulk email messages to customers and contacts.

  • Administrators can view list of shipping orders. All orders that are completed need to have a shipping record created. Once a shipping record is created, automatic stock reduction takes place. If a customer returns an order, stock addition takes place.

  • Customers will be prevented from ordering products outside the stock level boundaries i.e. negative quantity and excess quantity are not permitted. If a product is out of stock, the product item cannot be added to the shopping cart.

  • Administrators can view a list of customers and view their orders online.

  • Administrators can access most of the administrators' functions via map menu.

  • Easy to upgrade settings of store via settings administrator's panel. All access to administrator's functions are security restricted.

  • NOTE: Customization of EZ Shopper is permitted if developers credit the work as belonging to 128 Concepts. Developers should always consult with 128 Concepts before taking any modification of the code. Failure to do so may be breach of the copyright laws.

  • NOTE: If you wish to see the Administrator's Panel and its functions, please input the following in the login section. Username: admin Password: admin - the demo will have functions restricted. You must purchase either a license agreement or purchase the full software version to see all of Administrator's functions.

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