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EZ Shopper E-commerce shopping cart software is now available to purchase and download.  Follow the link for EZ Shopper in the main navigation menu to view the online demo of the software.

EZ Shopper is a fully customisable shopping cart system written in PHP and MYSQL. It provides easy integration with common online payment services like PayPal, Nochex. The store provides multiple store currencies (up to maximum of 25 world currencies). The store can be setup to accept a particular currency and the store can use a base currency of your choice. Conversion of the shopping basket will take place whilst the customer makes an order and during checkout. The store can easily be customised to accept world currency and non-world currency where the base currency will be the currency the store uses. 


Administration area features: Administrators have easy access to the administrator's panel and many functions to maintain the EZ Shopper shopping store. The store's setting can be updated through the settings manager - changes will be automatically updated to the database and the changes can be seen when main store webpage(s) are loaded. The store can permit fixed product categories and user-defined categories. It also permits stock control and will display 'Out of Stock' message if no stocks are available.


User features: Password logging system; user logs; user can view products / previous orders / shipping status; print invoice receipts; users can also write customer reviews for products and also view existing customer reviews; password security ensures only registered users can view their own customer details / records; easy product and category search functions; display of most popular products.


EZ Bookkeeper v1.0 - Accounting Software

EZ Bookkeeper software is an accounting package written for the home user / small business user interested in preparing their business accounts.

This includes functions for Cash Forecasting, Profit Forecasting, a comprehensive database version of a Cashbook Receipts book and a Cashbook Payments book. From information the user inputs EZ Bookkeeper software can produce a set of full accounts for you. This includes functions for designing and customizing your income expenditure statements, balance sheet and profit and loss accounts.

There are also useful function throughout the EZ Bookkeeper software for calculations of Loans i.e. Loans Calculator. A budget calculator for calculating your budget including outgoings. A tax guide including useful information on all aspects of taxes and other related functions.

Features of this system include:-

All data will be saved to external Microsoft database for further access, editing, updating and deletion.

  1. Can handle multiple company accounts and production of calculated balance sheets, income expenditure statements and fixed assets summaries.           

  2. Searching tools help you find the company accounts you wish to update or edit at touch of a button.

  3. A calendar function for inputting your business events, social and personal events.

  4. Lots of charts, analysis tools and summaries worksheets for your business accounts.

  5. Access to online help via pressing F1 key or you can consult the EZ Bookkeeper comprehensive documentation.

  6. Pre-printed stationary sheets, which are fully functional and can automatically calculate any figures you wish to input.

These are some of key features of the EZ Bookkeeper software and full details can be found in the software manual.

EZ Bookkeeper is primarily a workbook file that executes on the Excel spreadsheet program from Microsoft. As EZ Bookkeeper incorporates extensive formulae and pre-programmed menus and buttons only a very basic knowledge of Excel is required to prepare highly professional and presentable set of accounts. Advanced Excel users can utilize their expertise to enhance and expand EZ Bookkeeper to meet their particular needs.

EZ Bookkeeper requires Microsoft Office releases 2000 or XP for Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP. In addition to other functions, EZ Bookkeeper contains numerous other tools for accelerating the process of full set of business accounts.

EZ Bookkeeper is easy-to-use because all the formulae for financial calculations are pre-written; reports are customizable and clearly laid out; menu structures follow logical sequences; and online help is available to the user at all stages.

For experienced users of Excel, EZ Bookkeeper offers a familiar environment, which can be tailored and expanded to meet specialist needs and utilize existing spreadsheet-based data without the need to get involved in any extensive import/export procedures.



The current version of EZ Bookkeeper is intended for the UK Market.  It is envisaged that future versions of EZ Bookkeeper will be customised to other formats.  Please read updates and news that is posted on the website and in the 128 Concepts user forum.  

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